OutsideHeaven’s core business is providing cost effective,tailored connectivity solutions.

Based on its multiple 10Gb rings and US Network,OutsideHeaven’s network offers layer 1 and 2 data transport between many of Europe’s and America’s leading commercial data centres and it forms the core network for its other services. OutsideHeaven can also connect you to 15 European Internet exchange points directly.Normally,we will deploy and get our solutions ready for use within 10 working days. This can make businesses to scale their network footprint quickly,sometimes can save or even reduce costs normally associated with pan-European networks and Tier 1 Transit, at the same time,it can improve their physical network presence, access and reliability. If you don’t want to wait months for delivery nor do you want to incur the significant capital expenditure of building your own network, when you are considering European network expansion,just talk with an established network operator who has the experience to advise you how to realise your network expansion plans immediately.

The fixed pricing model of OutsideHeaven offers all customers transparency and the comfort in which they can expand their network quickly and within budget.

For any enquiries, please contact our sales desk:

City to City Ethernet

OutsideHeaven provides a full range of ethernet services between international cities:
Cover more than 30 locations worldwide
In each location,choose Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet port
Choice of Clear channel, VLAN multipoint, wavelength 
Provide scalability and flexibility by flexible committed data rates
Burstable capacity as standard 
Point to point and point to multipoint choice 
Low latency, high reliability, variety of available paths
At most major data centre locations can express turnup 

Metro Ethernet

OutsideHeaven provides affordable metro ethernet services in key metros:
Available in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Manchester, Paris
Many major datacenters on the Internet
In each location,choose Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet port
Choice of Clear channel, VLAN multipoint, wavelength and dark fiber 
Next day turnup available in many locations 
Uniform charges,competitive pricing

SDH and Waves

OutsideHeaven offers one stop solution SDH, SONET and wavelength capacity:
Choose SDH and SONET which framed and concatenated from STM1 to STM64, OC3 to OC192,
10G waves available as STM64, OC192 and clear OTU-3 
Offer subrate E1 and T1 capacities 
Optional SDH protection and MSP1+1 
The Submarine backhaul services in Europe, Asia and the Americas for major cable systems
Rented SDH and ethernet submarine cable capacity which at all regions 
One stop fully customized solutions which provides site to site connections

Internet Exchange Connections

Under the help of our partners, afiliations and network,we can offer a range of tailored peering services:
Pseudowire “Remote” OutsideHeaven peering 
Peer directly from your existing router without endless equipment
Fully managed connection process and one stop shop invoicing arrangements 
Multipoint VLAN option which is very cost effective and aggregate multiple Internet Exchange Points