IT industry now in 3rd wave, says Huawei exec

After going through two waves —network-centered transformation and then horizontal application-centeredtransformation — the IT industry is now in the third wave, according to a topHuawei executive during the Carrier Cloud Transformation Summit held as part ofHuawei Connect 2016.

Zou Zhilei, President of Huawei's CarrierBusiness, said the third wave, which would last for the next 20-30 years, willbe centered on vertical industry ecosystems: The Internet and cloud computingare already upending vertical segments from government services, education, andfinance to transport and manufacturing. New technologies and approaches areunleashing new productivity, putting these venerable industries and sectorsback at the forefront of innovation.

In the third wave of transformation,telecom carriers will be the catalysts of enormous innovative potential.Long-established industries demand one-stop and local services,cloud-and-network synergy, and impeccable security. Carriers can leverage theirunique strengths to help vertical segments integrate their fragmented networksand processes.

By restructuring their business processesand network operations, carriers can enable the digital transformation ofindustries, and earn spillover benefits from their customers' increasingproductivity, says Huawei.

The opportunities for success areparticularly clear in the areas of cloud services, Internet of Things, andvideo. Thomas Aschenbrenner , Deutsche Telekom's director of cloud sales &marketing, says, "Cloud is the driver and the transformer for wholeindustries. Deutsche Telekom and Huawei continue to innovate together, todeliver high quality cloud services to enterprises through our Open TelekomCloud."

Wang Jingzhong, CEO of China Mobile Anyang,says that China Mobile and Huawei have delivered government cloud, enterprisecloud, public service cloud, and IoT cloud, and as a result have created asmart, connected city with streamlined governance, excellent resident services,and a buoyant business environment. John Hoffman , CEO and director of GSMALtd., believes that the convergence of cloud, IoT and big data is a newopportunity for connecting to the future which is here today.

"ALL CLOUD" of device, network,operation, service, is a powerful step forward in the digital transformation ofcarriers. Wu Xiangdong , President of China Telecom Cloud Computing, says,"China Telecom and Huawei have jointly developed the brand-new eCloud 3.0,which integrates cloud and network, and offers secure, customized cloud services.It can support the development of the industrial Internet, and drive industryinformatization.”


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