Big Data Analytics Predictions

The Industrial Internet knits together bigdata, machine learning, and machine-to-machine communications to detectpatterns and adjust operations in near real time. Soon, the Industrial Internetwill expand by definition to include the Internet ofThings.

I predict that, in the very near future,real-time data streams will transform what is possible across the IndustrialInternet so users can ask critical questions, adjust a process, or see apattern in the moment. Entire industries such as energy, pharmaceutical, andeven agriculture will be dramatically impacted by the ability to analyzereal-time and historical data together to make business decisions faster.– Eric Frenkiel, CEO, MemSQL

As we move forward through 2016 and beyond,more devices, agents, sensors, and people will join the IoT. Perhaps we willeven progress as a society to a post-scarcity economy, and information itselfwill become our commodity of trade. Monetizing the exchange of information,micro-licensing, and transactions become prominent tasks as our automation andmachine-to-machine networks take care of daily needs. Imagine algorithms asapps for applying big data analysis over the connected masses of informationgenerated by the IoT and its billions upon billions of connected devices inevery aspect of our lives. Owning the data, analyzing the data, and improvingand innovating become the keys to corporate success – all empowered by aconnected digital society.

Though this may have some Orwellianovertones, the IoT is really about the Zen of Things – our application ofsoftware and technology to help customers consume products and to helpbusinesses build better products and deliver better services. In 2016, the IoTwill continue to combine big data, analytics, the cloud, artificialintelligence, robotics, and automation to propel industries forward and createthe next industrial revolution. – Mark Barrenechea, CEO, OpenText


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