Innovation in China Win in future

Innovation in China   Win in future

To take root in Chinaas a international company, we firmly believe that our technology innovationcan keep up with the forefront of the times.Our technological innovation can notonly improve the efficiency of innovation, but also can help individuals, society,and even the entire nation chase and realize their dreams.

Rooted in China,working with China'seconomic and social development together is our every employee’s commitment,while it is one of our long-term strategy.

In order to fulfill ourcommitment to achieve our long-term strategy, we hope:

On the one hand, throughits own technical advantages, such as advanced software, Internet services andother IT innovations to help individuals and society to better show theirpotential;

On the other hand, throughpassing the information and cultural diversity of European headquarter, from thestrategic investment, personnel training, technical cooperation and other areasto promote China'ssoftware ecosystem and information industry healthily, sustainably develop.

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