Job Title

SEO Engineer


At least junior college level

Work Experience

At least 2 years experiences

Language Qualifications

Fluent in English

Number of recruits







Online sales, network marketing


1.Analysis of web sitekeywords, analysis of competitors and other web-related’s practices, evaluate keywords,write the program and be responsible for the implementation of site optimization,and put forward reasonable site adjustment recommendations focusing on optimizing.

2.Be responsible for website SEO promotion, SEM program analysis,and the implementation and tracking of the website’s various flow promotion program,write Website SEO operation documents, external link building and soft tissue,promote targeting Google and other search engines abroad.

3.Exchange traffic,data, reverse link or services with the third party or the strategic alliances,increase the website’s traffic and visibility.

4.Be responsible for monitoring the Google included and rankings, do network marketing research, analysis and services based on search engine optimization.Formulate and implement the company  website.

Minimum Qualifications

1.Be familiar with website promotion,search engine optimization, search engine promotion and site optimization.

2.Be familiar with SEO techniques (site architecture, website code, major search engine works), have experience in SEO,search engine technology development, having experience in searching engine, anti-cheatingis preferred.

3.Be familiar with and proficientin web page keyword analysis, optimization; familiar with the principles of the current major search engines and strategies;master search engine optimization technologyand its development.

4.Be proficient in the major search engine ,eg:the ranking theory and algorithms of Baidu,Google,Yahoo.

5.Be familiar with the site ALEXA ranking, enhance the ranking of various measures of site optimization, such as: understanding search engine optimization, link exchange, website testing,bulk mail, the mass client-related technical promotion optimizationpath, page optimization, the overall site optimization.

Preferred Qualifications

(Meetthe following requirements of priority):

1. Active work, verycareful, ,good at communication and project management, SEO implementation and cross-sectoral coordination;

2.1-2 years of relevant work experience, excellent professional graduates can also be considered.