Job Title

IDC (ISP) sales


At least junior college level

Work Experience

At least 1 year experience

Language Qualifications

Fluent in English

Number of recruits

A certain number


Wuhan, Shenzhen




IDC marketing development, sales, after sales


Server hosting, server rent

Minimum Qualifications

1.Familiar with IDC products sales.

2.Can complete the pre-marketing business cooperationin dependently, manage and maintain it.

3. Able to finish collecting,collating and analyzing the Competitors’ information independently.

4.Have a better language ability, clear thinking, good business negotiation capabilities, rich clients pioneering spirit.

5. Be kind enough,have team spirit and correct integration of the learning attitude.

6.Have a good understanding of the network, able to stand with great pressure of work, have good ethics and professionalism.

7. Have a profound interest in the Internet! Self-confidence! Passion! Strong development ability, courage to challenge salary.

8.Have basic English reading and writing skills, have a great interests in learning English.

Asked more than one year relevant IDC work / sales experience.

Preferred Qualifications