The speed of acquire the information has become an important factor restricting the development of Internet.How to improve the speed of the users acquire the information at the existing network resources has becomes a major problem of many data centers, ISP and enterprises.

The three confusions of Data centers, ISP and enterprises?

In general,the problems of many datacenters, ISP and enterprises network can be divided into the following threeaspects.

1.The low speed of application networkaccess, the servers are often down.

2.The every time enhance of business volumewill lead to the high cost of investment of upgrading the hardware,no matterhow excellent equipment performance that can not meet the current traffictrends.

3.The problem of the network faced can’t becompletely solved,eg:single points of failure,the server resources are notenough and so on.

In these problems continuely to plague themajority of the development of Internet users, the Internet industry isincreasingly competitive, while the problems.are continuously come out.With themission of "meet our personal and business users a full range ofneeds", follow the purpose of "make the network more freely",OutsideHeaven will provide you the safest, the most perfect network solution.

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